What  is Mealqi?

Mealqi is an online food delivery service, headquartered in Delhi and now reaching to the outskirts of the state as well.

The agenda behind Mealqi is quite simple. 

Customers order their favourite cuisine using the Mealqi platform from their favourite restaurant and our personnel deliver the fresh and nutrition intactfood within the stipulated time.

How does Mealqi work?

Mealqi takes the order from a customer and generate and send an automated order to the restaurant within a few minutes. In this way, the foodie gets the food on time without any hassle.

Why should I use Mealqi?

Mealqi is a one stop platform where you can find all nearby or favourite restaurants under the same umbrella and can order all kinds of available cuisines with just single tap. Here, you don’t have to find the numbers of the restaurants or waiting or holding the phone line or the physical queue. Just tap, tap & tap and your finger-licking dish will be just a few minutes away.

See updated menus of the restaurants andpictures of the dishes as well by using Mealqi website and app.

Does  Mealqi charge extra for any kind of service(s)?

The customer needs to pay only the restaurant delivery fees (if applied).

Do Mealqi have Debit Card / Credit Cards services?

Yes, Mealqi supports online payment options for Debit Card/Credit Card. It makes the process fast and easy for most of the urban foodies. Right!?

Do  Mealqi have special offers & discounts?

Visit and  you can take the privilege of the ongoing promotions and offers from time to time. Strictly Recommended - Don’t miss our  hot deals!

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout makes online ordering or purchases more hassle-free and enjoyable. Simply add your username and password after clicking the Visa Checkout button. This single account credentials can be used across all your devices.

Does Visa Checkout only support Visa cards?

The customer can add their Visa cards and Mastercard to Visa Checkout account.

How to order online food on Mealqi?

1.   Ordering your favourite food on Mealqi  is easy and affordable. Check it out:

2.   Create an account or log in using your Facebook account or also can use ‘Guest Login’.

3.   Select your area and choose a cuisine (which is optional) and click on‘Search’.

4.   Select from the assorted options of near by restaurants or filter them through cuisines or delivery mode and etc. to find the exact option.

5.   Click on your favourite restaurant and view its menu. You can also read the reviews of the restaurant before placing an order.

6.   Select the items and add them to your cart.

7.   Proceed to checkout.

8.   Enter your address, select a delivery time, apply voucher code (if any) and hit "Place Order".

9.   Receive your food order within the stipulated time.

10.   Mission Solved!!!

Can I place an order without creating an account?

Yes, you can.

The customers can place an order through ‘Express Checkout’ only through the web application. The feature isspecifically designed for the new comers or new customers who wish to explore the application or platform first. The prime benefits of this service are simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

Check out the method:

•   Select the restaurant and order the cuisine

•   No need to ‘Login’ and choose the "Express Checkout" option.

•   Provide your name, mobile number and delivery address at the checkout page.

•   And you’re done!

Serious Note To The Foodie: Login creating an account to access exciting features, discounts, offers and benefits through a personalized ordering experience.

Can I opt for schedule delivery?

In  Mealqi,‘Schedule Delivery’ is possible which allows you to enjoy a heart-filling meal at any time. Select date and time and you’re done!

I entered wrong email/ password combination and now my account is blocked. What do I do?

In this case, our system will generate an automated email verification link and send it to your email address. Use that link to build a new password.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

The delivery time depends on the restaurant's estimated delivery time. The customer can see the delivery time in the restaurant's "Info" tab.

Note: The time is subject to change due to road traffic and other non-calculated reasons.

Can I re-order a previous order?

Yes. Go to the "My Orders" tab and choose your previous order (because you loved it) and reorder it.

How to add an order as a favourite?

Simply click on the icon ‘Add  As Favourite’ on menu items available on the site. His feature makes it easy for you to order on the go.

How can I add an item in my order?

Contact 9667329666 within 3-5 minutes to add, remove or change items from your order. However, the addition, removal or changing of  the  items are subject to consideration of the restaurant(s)  you chose.

I am not happy with the order. Whom should I contact?

Oops! Every food passes through stringent quality check but if any mishap happens, don’t hesitate to inform us at  9667329666  or send us your  complaint to Customer satisfaction is a priority of the Mealqi team.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 3-5 minutes of your placing the order. After the mentioned time, one cannot cancelor revise the order because your order would have been already processed from the restaurant side.

How long does the online payment refund process take?

The duration of the refund process varies depending on the payment method you used but in general, it takes 7-10 working days to process.

Can I rate or review about my order(s) on Mealqi?

Of course, you can. Our customer’s reviews and rating is very essential and important for us.

Go to ‘My Orders’ tab on ‘My Account’ page and click on a particular order to rate/review.

How can I contact

Feel free to rings us at any time through live chat or call us at 9667329666. You can also send your feedback by clicking the "Feedback" tab.